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​​​​​​Fermacell GmbH  



​​General Description

​​Fermacell is part of the Xella Group that produces and commercializes building material, raw material and dry lining systems. With the three units material, dry lining products / dry lining systems and chalk the company is worldwide the biggest producer of aerated concrete and silica brick and is leading in the production of gypsum fibre boards. 

​​​Since 40 years Fermacell produces and develops gypsum fibre- and cementious fibre boards and systems for exterior and interior dry lining. By constant innovation the use of gypsum fibre or cementious boards was made possible, e.g. in facades, ceilings and moist areas. Besides the mere function a high weight was put on cost efficiency and performance – e.g. in sound insulation and fire resistance. Besides costs, ecological aspects – like indoor climate and ecology - and the optimized utilization of natural resources needed for the production are development targets. These important aspects for architects and building owners are proven by eco-certifications. Last but not least both gypsum fibre and cementious boards match most of the requirements with regard to fire protection. 

Fermacell has a tight distribution network with many affiliates in Germany and abroad (mainly Europe with affiliates in Denmark, France, Great Britain, Austria, Poland, Check Republic, Italy, Netherlands and Switzerland) and many close contacts to crafting, small size and medium size companies which install and build facades and interiors Europe-wide. Via its own product development Fermacell is directly involved into the product development of its clients respectively develops construction kits for dry-lining, interiors and façade construction and offers them for everyone on the market by its distribution channels.
The central engineering department as a complement offers testing devices for mechanical, building physical and for durability tests at small and big scale. For fire testing of building components a fire testing lab both in the central engineering department as well in the R&D (Research & Development)-department is available. 


​​​Key Personnel and Relevant Expertise​

​​​​Roland Bornemann, Dr -Ing. (Male): studied civil engineering and has a degree in civil engineering from the Technical University of Kassel. He also has a PhD in material science from the university of Kassel. He started his professional career as a stress analyst in an engineering office. Later he started his own business in the field of innovation management and research & development which later led to the façade manufacturer Permasteelisa Gartner (mainly curtain walling in steel, glass and aluminium) where he worked in innovation management and Research & Development (R&D). He participated in several research projects led by Fraunhofer. At the University of Kassel he was responsible for several research projects. Since 2012 he´s with Fermacell and is both the head of engineering of Aestuver Systems and the leads the application technology.​

​​​​Kirsten Strüver, Dipl.-Ing. (Female): studied civil engineering and has a degree from the university of applied science of Holzminden. She is an expert in rainscreen facades, ceilings made from light weight profiles, coats and mortars and works for Fermacell for 5 years and is in charge to further develop these products.​

Frank Bode, Dipl.-Ing. (Male): received a degree in architecture at the University of Hildesheim. Since 2006 he works for Fermacell and has a vast experience in commercializing timber, gypsum and accessory products Europe-wide.​​​

André van Delft
DEMO Consultants B.V.
Delftechpark 10, 2628 XH Delft
The Netherlands
T his project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 723391.