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​​​Mostostal Warszawa S.A.



​​​General Description

​​​Mostostal Warszawa​ is one of the largest construction companies in Poland with 70-years history rich in traditions. The company is active in all basic sectors of the construction market specializing in bridges and steel construction, public utility buildings, industrial components, environmental protection projects as well as roads and underground constructions. Company acts as a general contractor of investment projects and provides turnkey execution of construction assignments. Mostostal Warszawa provides variety of across-the-board services, ranging from execution of reinforced concrete and construction works, through delivery and erection of steel and structural elements to assembly of high pressure piping and boilers. 

Mostostal Warszawa has experience in building residential buildings and housing estates, office complexes and public utility buildings, production halls, warehouse facilities, as well as technological installations and steel structures for heavy industry. Mostostal Warszawa has its own Research and Development Department (R&D), whose members are experienced in performing and coordinating national and European. Mostostal Warszawa belongs to national and foreign industrial organizations: PPTB (Polish Construction Technology Platform) and ECTP (European Construction Technology Platform), and was engaged in foundation process of Energy Efficient Buildings Association (E2B).


​​​​​​Key Personnel and Relevant Expertise

Piotr Dymarski, MSc (male): holds an Engineering Degree in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering by the Warsaw University of Technology (Poland), specialized in Radio Communication. Since 2006, he is coordinating the ICT Group of the Research & Development (R&D) Department of Mostostal Warszawa and is involved in several National and European RTD Projects. Mr. Dymarski is involved also in the activities of Energy Efficient Buildings Association (E2B) being responsible for ICT activities of the company.​​​​

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​​Juliusz Zach, MSc (male): holds a degree in Environmental Engineering by Warsaw University of Technology (Poland) and is specialized in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems. He has gained practical experience supervising realization of various HVAC projects in Poland. Mr. Zach, currently, leads the Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Construction group of Research & Development (R&D) Department of Mostostal Warszawa where he is in charge of the development and implementation of some challenging projects, focused fundamentally on new solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in buildings. Mr. Zach was involved in the process of establishment of Energy Efficient Buildings Association and is now responsible for the company’s activities related to membership in this organization. He coordinates a large-scale integrating collaborative project. He also supervises the realization of a national funded research project focused on sustainable multi-dwelling buildings.​​​

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