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D2.1: 4M process roadmap and implementation guidelines​


The objectives of P2ENDURE WP2 ‘Process innovation’, is to crystallize the P2ENDURE 4M modular process for deep renovation by integrating all required methods as well as the e-Marketplace, BIM and software instruments that will support decision-making based on a life-cycle assessment and life-cycle information.

This report summarizes the first step towards reaching this goal, the detailed development of the P2ENDURE 4M process. The report provides detailed process guidelines for a deep renovation process that makes optimized use of PnP prefab solutions and that aims at completing deep renovation cycles within weeks instead of months. P2ENDURE plans to reach this significant reduction in time through developing a number of process innovations, including advanced BIM modelling methods and an e-Marketplace.

The report also outlines how these different process innovations can be aligned throughout the renovation effort from early planning phases to the final monitoring of the energetic performance of the building. To provide readers with ideas of how the process guidelines can be implemented on projects, the report also maps the 4M process to two specific P2ENDURE demonstration cases and one P2ENDURE Innovative Deep Renovation Product (IDRP). Because of the predominance for BIM models for supporting the energy assessment of buildings the report also introduces the P2ENDURE BIM modelling standard that is to be followed by all P2ENDURE demonstration projects.


André van Delft
DEMO Consultants B.V.
Delftechpark 10, 2628 XH Delft
The Netherlands
T his project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 723391.