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​D4.7: Deployment of Comfort Eye technology for IEQ monitoring


P2Endure is a European research project funded under the EU program H2020-EE-2016-PPP (supporting accelerated and cost-effective deep renovation of buildings through Public-Private Partnerships (EEB PPP). The project aims to improve the availability and performance of energy saving solutions for deep renovation and transformation of vacant, obsolete or sub-optimal public buildings into dwellings, promoting evidence-based innovative solutions for deep renovation based on prefabricated Plug and Play systems in combination with on-site robotic 3D-printing and BIM demonstrated; monitored at 11 real projects, 2 virtual demonstrators in 4 geo-clusters with EU-wide replication potentials.

Within this framework, the importance of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) is relevant since the first function of a building is to provide a comfortable and healthy living environment. For this reason, an innovative solution, the Comfort Eye, has been adopted by P2Endure to provide a non-intrusive and smart sensing system for the monitoring of the IEQ before and after the renovation. The idea is to feed the design with important information about the building IEQ issues to be solved by the renovation design. To this respect, the IEQ P2Endure device, Comfort Eye, is deployed before the intervention to collect data. Given its low-intrusive installation and operation, the system operates continuously, if possible, also during the renovation, until the post occupancy evaluation phase. 

This report presents the deployment of the Comfort Eye in the selected demonstration cases of the P2Endure project. In particular, the installation and operationalization of the system in a nursery in Warsaw (PL) and a nursery in Gdynia (PL) is presented. Initial results from the monitoring are reported, and to provide a better understanding of those results, the report provides an initial description of the IEQ monitoring and assessment approach together with a description of the Comfort Eye technology and functionalities.

André van Delft
DEMO Consultants B.V.
Delftechpark 10, 2628 XH Delft
The Netherlands
T his project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 723391.