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​​D6.5: State-of-the-art report on innovations for deep renovation


P2ENDURE promotes evidence-based innovative solutions for deep renovation based on prefabricated plug and play systems in combination with on-site scanning, robotic 3D printing and BIM, demonstrated and monitored at 10 real projects in 4 geo-clusters with EU-wide replication potential.

This deliverable 6.5 focuses on activities executed in relevant EU-funded projects where the aim was to identify state-of-the-art renovation technologies that lack market uptake but show a high replicability potential and could be further developed (increasing their TRL level) and applied inside the P2ENDURE project. Furthermore, the use and integration of 3D scanning, ICT and real-time monitoring techniques for energy efficient building retrofitting applied in different EU-funded projects were investigated. It was analysed whether these technologies enable renovation tasks to be executed in a smarter way, thus successfully reaching the expected energy targets.

The report is based on the assessment of the existing state-of-the-art technologies and draws mainly from concluded and on-going EU-funded project’s sources: websites, public available deliverables articles, discussion with project members etc. Around 30 projects and their developed solutions were reviewed. Not all final results and analysis of the technologies implemented on the demonstrated buildings are (yet) publically presented, therefore, it was not possible to verify product’s actual performance (mostly described product’s objectives). Although only a limited number of EU-funded projects was analysed, this allows for an overview of new upcoming renovation possibilities and trends that can be applied in for building deep retrofitting.​


André van Delft
DEMO Consultants B.V.
Delftechpark 10, 2628 XH Delft
The Netherlands
T his project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 723391.