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​​​D6.4: Professional knowledge dissemination and trainings​


The live demonstration projects have a crucial and central place within the P2ENDURE project. Each demonstration case addresses one or more challenges of deep renovation that potentially can be solved using Plug and Play prefab systems. The demonstration case has following three main objectives:

  1. realizing and measuring the success of the pilot deep renovation cases;

  2. facilitating cross-learning between different projects and geo-clusters,​

  3. securing the broad replication potential at EU level.

The objectives on communication and dissemination of the demonstration cases will be realized within P2ENDURE by two ways:
The first way is to devise and organize professional publications, (local) events and short films, specifically dedicated to the live demonstration cases. It depends on the specific scope and objectives of each demonstration case how this communication is focused and organized.
The second way is to secure the success of the demonstration cases by setting an objective to improve the overall quality of the entire renovation process, from pre-design till operation and maintenance phase. This is done by mapping and recording the needed qualities and quality levels, the needed skills and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to improve the overall quality of renovation. Once the skills and qualifications are mapped, specific trainings will be organized. In order to have specific, targeted and meaningful trainings a method to map the actual needs for skills, qualifications and trainings will be offered.
The use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) has a central role in P2ENDURE. In relation to quality control and trainings, BIM can be used as a universal information carrier, both for describing the needed quality levels as for the needed skills and qualifications.
For the actual realization of the quality control trainings and the use of BIM in this process synergy and collaboration will be established with other relevant H2020 projects.


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