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D4.1:  Baseline reports of pre-renovation condition of demonstration cases 


In this deliverable, the baselines for the pre-renovation conditions for each demonstrator are devised. The baselines are consolidated on:

  • the initial condition assessment;
  • the value of the key performance indicators of the primary energy use and the Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ).

The Work Package 4 'Live demonstration projects' is the heart of the P2ENDURE project. Each demonstration case addresses one or more challenges of deep renovation that should be solved using Plug and Play (PnP) prefab systems. The targeted achievements are threefold: realizing and measuring the success of the pilot deep renovation cases, facilitating cross-learning between different projects and geo-clusters, and securing the broad replication potential at EU level.

The 4M methodology will be applied to all demonstration projects (4M: Mapping-Modelling-Making-Monitoring). The P2ENDURE 4M modular process is a stepwise approach for preparing and implementing the deep renovation, followed by real monitoring of the resulting performance improvements. The main activities within each step are explained in Chapter 1. For a more detailed description of the P2ENDURE 4M methodology please check the Deliverable 2.1 .

This baseline report is the first step of the 4M approach: Mapping. The pre-renovation data is collected and the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are calculated for the existing situation. At this stage the initial condition of the demonstrators is evaluated, the expected post-renovation state compared to the pre-renovation state is shown and the improvements compared to the goals of P2ENDURE are pointed out. This deliverable is a starting point and, at the same time, a feasibility study for the further tasks to be carried out in the Work Package 4.

The table below shows the specific KPIs for each demonstration case that are considered, and the deliverable where the results will be reported.


Each demonstration case has a different planning schedule. In this deliverable, we show the results of the baseline of the demonstration cases that have finished the Mapping stage. The results of the mapping of all the demonstration cases will be updated at Month 24 of the project – in August 2018.

The PnP-solutions are applied as measures for deep renovation. The applied PnP-solutions make the ambition of the targeted KPI-values possible. When there are constraints in performing deep renovation, for example, caused by a high monumental value of a building, traditional renovation measures are considered. These constraints that restrict applying the PnP solutions are elaborated and a full overview is given in Chapter 4.

The baseline of the KPIs with according methodology, for Life-Cycle Analysis (LCA), time reduction, Life-Cycle Costs (LCC), replicability, and disturbance, are defined in the Work Package 3 'Performance validation and optimization'.

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