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  • Public Deliverables

In this section the final public deliverables of the P 2ENDURE project are published. 

Work Package 1 "Product innovation"

  • Deliverable D1.1:  Sets of Plug-and-Play (PnP) prefab components for building envelopes
  • Deliverable D1.3:  Sets of deep renovation solutions of building Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems 
  • Deliverable D1.5:  Techniques, protocols, applications for 3D scanning / geomatics

Work Package 2 "Process innovation"

  • Deliverable D2.7 : Technical and alliance plan for temporary local renovation factory at district level

Work Package 4 "Live demonstration projects"

  • Deliverable D4.1:  Baseline reports of pre-renovation condition of demonstration cases  

Work Package 5 "Exploitation, standardisation and market upscaling"

  • Deliverable D5.1:  Organisational and activity plan for establishment of the Technology Commercialization Platform (TCP) and engagement of stakeholders in e-Marketplace

Work Package 6 "Communication, dissemination and synergy"

  • Deliverable D6.1:  Public and internal project websites, graphic design and templates


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